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Pediatric and Preventive Dental Care


In order to avoid well-known fear of a dentist and to acquire a habit of a regular dental check-up, children  are supposed to be familiar with dental equipment and working team in the Dentist Office. This way, they gain trust and they cooperate, which guarantees a successful job.

Working With Kids

Working with kids requires a full commitment of a dentist but also of a parent. Every child reacts differently and accepts a particular intervention in its own way and, therefore, it needs to adapt to his dentist.

It is important to have patience and build so much trust both with the child and with the parents.


Going to the regular check-ups allow to detect the early stage of dental caries. The first tooth decay that most often occurs among children is the one on the front teeth and it is known as baby bottle tooth decay.

So, in order to prevent toothache, baby teeth (milk teeth) affected by caries  should be repaired and kept in a good condition until they are replaced with permanent teeth. 

Each baby tooth is very important and it plays an important role in the growth and development of the relations between the upper and lower jaws.