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Oral Implantology


Oral Implantology is a dental discipline that combines oral surgery and prosthetics. The oral implantology basis is surgical implant of the titanium cylindre – implant in the bone.

Adental implant is an artificial tooth root, which is built on the place where the tooth is missing. It is a biocompatible material which a human body doesn’t recognize as a foreign body. 

Recently, there are zirconium dental implants but  their application is still being explored.

If you are not willing to sacrifice another healthy teeth in order to  restore the missing one or if you are not satisfied with the classical dentures, then, implants are the perfect solution! 


The Procedure

The procedure is painless and short, and is performed with local anaesthetic, in the superbly equipped dental made for the purpose of surgical procedures.


Today, it is the best solution for all forms of edentulousness, from the lack of a single tooth to the lack of  entire dental arch.