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Dr. Bojana Antonic

Dr. Bojana Antonic

Bojana Antonic was born in 1976. She started her studies at the Faculty of Medicine , Department of Dentistry, in Banja Luka in 1994.

After her graduation she started working in an oral surgery clinic called ”Dr Šipka″ where she gained  experience in the field of implantology and surgery as well as dental prosthetics. While working in this clinic, she became specialist in in oral surgery and  implantology and established Specialist Dental Centre ″Osmijeh plus”. During clinical practice, she worked as an Expert Associate at the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Oral Surgery (Department of Dentistry) in Banja Luka.

There are numerous courses and seminars in Europe which have contributed to her professional advancement, such as: Novi Sad 2009Vienna 2012, Hvar 2011Zagreb 2013, Liechtenstein 2014, Belgrade 2015.

She has  inserted  over a thousand implants successfully while she regularly faces the most demanding cases in implantology. She is certified to utilize multiple implant systems such as: BioHorizonsStraumannIzomedMIS.

She is the founder of Specialist Dental Centre Osmijeh Plus where she works as an oral surgery specialist.

positions: Oral Surgery Specialist
degree: Oral Surgery Specialist
office: Jevrejska 54. Banja Luka, BiH
workingdays: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday