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We are proud to have a separate clinic for pediatric care and preventive dental care services, where we provided our kids their own space.

With their favourite heroes from cartoons and extremely positive and approachable specialist for pediatric and preventive dental care , we made sure that our youngest patients like going to their dentist.

It is the clinic where children have complete accommodation adapted to their age.

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Osmijeh Plus is the only specialist centre in this region possessing a surgical operating room separated from other clinics in this centre and this is what makes it a dental specialist centre.

With the best possible working conditions in which our specialized staff works, such as certain area of modernly equipped rooms, a waiting room and a preparation room for patients, the clinic fulfills the international requirements. For the purpose of successful oral intervantions as well as safety of our patients, we are constantly investing in modern materials and technologies.

ur goal is to provide our patients the best conditions and quality of work and, therefore, we strive to maintain the highest standard of our services.

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Within specialist dental center Osmijeh Plus there is a special Clinic for Orthodontics in which we offer services of a specialist for orthodontics.

For the purpose of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of irregularly placed teeth, the specialist in collaboration with patients achieves only the best results. In order to correct various anomalies of the teeth as quickly and efficiently as possible, we offer all types of fixed and mobile devices.

The clinic is avaliable to all patients, regardless of their age.

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Clinics for cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics is certainly the place that can raise your confidence and guarantee a beautiful smile on your faces.

Bring your teeth into perfection and , with a wide rage of offers and advice of our experts, decide what is the best for you! We do all kinds of work, from metal-ceramics, prosthetics on implants, combined works to esthetic fillings, teeth whitening, dental jewelry, etc.

ur professional staff, in cooperation with the best prosthodontists, is there for you to provide you the best and the most advanced prosthetic devices that you like within 24 hours.

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